GDPR Implications

GDPR What it is, and its implications The GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulations and what it does is change how we collect and protect data. If you collect any kind of personal data you will need to […]

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You will need to set policies and procedures for collecting data and storing it. You will also have to create the steps you’ll take when a data breach has been discovered. You’ll need to inform all employees and clients on […]

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We offer free webinars to discuss the GDPR and various parts of your business. We offer, or will be offering overviews on the GDPR itself, how it affects those in marketing, or one for hr and working with the GDPR, […]

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We can also advise you on what you will need to do and how it can be done. Need your policies and procedures checked to ensure they’re up to the correct standard, feel free to contact us.

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Welcome to IFH Media, your GDPR specialist. We can help train your organisation with the upcoming changes to the GDPR and how it will affect your business. The GDPR arrives next May 25 and it will change how you collect, and protect all kinds of data.

We can train your staff in the upcoming changes by using one of our one-day workshops. We can also train what are called data protection officers. These are people who are responsible for ensure your data collect and protection policies and procedures.

You may not think the GDPR is going to affect me as I don’t do anything on a computer or electronically, not so no matter if it’s stored in a computer, or in a filing cabinet, you are responsible for protecting this data.

We have free webinars, and podcasts on upcoming GDPR rules and regulations. We offer a blog to answer your GDPR questions.